A review of Dead As Dreams’ ‘There Is Nothing Left Here’ EP

Crushed = three fuzzes into a HM-2….

If you like Celtic Frost Morbid Tales era riffs (what else would you expect from a band named Visions Of Mortality) or the new(er) Darkthrone sound, or if you like newer blackened crust/sludge bands like Hordes or Seven Sisters of Sleep you will like this.

Give it a listen if you’re in the mood for something HEAVY!




Dead As Dreams // There Is Nothing Left Here

Interesting submission here, go check out their debut EP(name your price!) and give them a helping hand.

This blog is very kindly hosting my debut EP as Dead As Dreams. If you have not already, listen to it here and download it for free!

Check this out if you like post-metal or atmospheric black metal! Or any kind of melancholy music!

Geyser Bastion has finally released the ‘2013 B-Sides Mixtape’!!

Make sure you go listen to this amazingly versatile album… and share it if you enjoy it!

It’s free and you also get two bonus tracks if you download from the Geyser Bastion bandcamp so what are you waiting for?!